What should I do if my Rolex watch is in water? How can I extend the life of my Rolex watch?

Rolex watches are world famous, but if water in your watch is not dealt with promptly, it will cause financial loss. Even though Rolex watches are water resistant, they can pose problems that you can’t be sure of as time goes on. So what do you do with a Rolex watch that has water in it? How do you repair and deal with it?

  1. If a Rolex watch fogs up, it indicates that there is moisture in the watch. Generally speaking watches are sealed, but do not exclude that there are various joints on the case will also appear extremely fine pores, especially has been used table, the pores are larger.

2, wear the watch bath, watch appearance dirty, strap is not comfortable, the use of poor environment and other issues,Fake Rolex Watches Sale easy to lead to Rolex watches damage, shorten the service life. Watches should be serviced every two to three years to replace waterproof components, measure movement performance and power consumption, clean the movement, maintain the appearance, etc.

How to extend the service life of a Rolex watch

  1. To prolong the life of your Rolex watch, avoid wearing it during “hydrophilic” activities such as washing your face, bathing and swimming. Avoid exposing the watch to water vapour and hot steam. On rainy days, take care not to lose your watch to the rain.
  2. Do not bake your Rolex watch directly near an oven to avoid deformation of the watch hood. Wear the watch with the face facing inwards and the caseback facing outwards, backwards on the wrist, and the water mist in the watch will be removed after a few hours.
  3. If a Rolex watch is suddenly exposed to cold, the air containing moisture inside the watch will condense into mist or water droplets that stick to the watch glass. If mist or water droplets appear in a Rolex watch, they must be repaired in time to prevent corrosion and rusting of the movement parts.

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