What is the quality of Rolex watches in AR?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this article objectively, but what is the origin of the AR? No one knows, but one day a 904 steel Rolex appeared, and then the Rolex was made by AR, and then Rolex’s standard 904 steel sprang up, and the AR became famous. 904L steel, which some people don’t understand, is harder, which is really ridiculous. 904 is the only difference to 316 in terms of internal corrosion, the rest is exactly the same. This has been officially stated. But most people are numb to follow the trend and go after 904 anyway. The watch is now a 904 steel watch, but it’s not really a 904, so who knows? Back to the AR workmanship piece, AR workmanship, to be fair, is really good, at least is to leave the N workmanship level, especially just used to spread the market log type 36mm, received a warm response from the market.
But it didn’t last long, this watch was followed by a high percentage of returns. I don’t have the exact figures, but I think the return rate was 80%, which is an exaggerated figure. The majority of the quality was due to the movement’s power reserve, which was not even ten hours on this modified 3135, as long as it was not manually wound, and there was a general problem with the calendar being stuck. Yet reworking is fine, just fix it. However, I guess AR’s return business is outsourced and the movements are such a level of crap that they are usually returned untouched to the manufacturer after a few weeks. This was our first experience of dealing with AR. The case workmanship is unbeatable, the movement is rubbish, the devil and the angel, top quality uk replica watches and the after-sales service can’t keep up. What can’t be helped though is that a lot of people just chase their hype as if it’s their loss if they don’t get one, leading to a succession of people falling into the hole. What I could do was try not to push it. Then AR launched the 4130 calibre Dittona, which, apart from using the 904 as a selling point, and the thickness all completely nailed it. I was dumbfounded when I first got a sample, the exterior fittings were dope, then I tried the chronograph function and the minutes and clock chronograph didn’t work, I thought it was broken, then asked the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s reply was that because it had to be streamlined to fit the original thickness, the functions had to be streamlined to achieve this. A million horses ran through my mind. Well, as long as it looks good anyway, then it turns out that this 4130 movement is actually a 7750 and with a fake deck, resulting in even more noise during transmission. Imagine you’re wearing an AR Ditoner and when you lift your hand, everyone hears the sound of your watch running. Well, never mind, it looks good. Then came a wave of returns. Again, the problem was that the power reserve was not working. At this point the AR was a little less well received and it seems that less people were pushing for him, probably because of the criticism of the super high number of returns. Well, AR went on to launch the Submariner (Ghost series), 41mm Logbook and Constant Motion, a few series. These watches chose the universal 28 series of domestic machines, the stability of the movement is greatly improved, coupled with a very well-made case, the quality stabilized at once. So you ask me if AR products can be chosen, yes. Just don’t choose one of their Ditonnas or 3135 machines. If the movement has problems with stolen stops and poor power reserve, the AR is basically returned as is. I dug a little deeper myself and learned that AR doesn’t actually have its own workshop, the return is outsourced. You can understand the same reasoning as your building is without its own property. I’ll say it again straight, a small property can be compared to the China Overseas Property Owned Property? I’ll say this, you understand it. AR then launched the Yacht Prestige series. There are two sizes of yachts, 40/37, so it’s not a big problem if you don’t choose a 31 as long as you’re sure about the 28 machine.
To sum it up: AR’s watches are worthy of recognition for their appearance and workmanship. The movement is fine as long as it is not a 3135 machine, and equally fine as long as it is not plated. That leaves the constant motion, logbook and aqua (red letters) 28 machine series as the ones to look at, the others should be prepared to turn into artefacts. This article is entirely our journey to return to repair, write out, I hope you take the road less traveled, do not see manufacturers all day long to blow up the text on the leap of faith, do not advise against the ear.

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